Creation of E-Commerce websites!

We develop your E-Commerce website entirely tailored for you (suitable for smartphones and tablets) taking into account the long-term google referencing and its optimization.
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Who are we?

A team of 11 passionate about the online world.

The Agency is a unique agency, based on the Côte d'Azur in Cannes. It is the simplest website design specialized in creation of "E-Commerce websites". We offer services from the development of internet strategies to the creation of websites, including referencing on Google and Bing search engines and many others.


A professional visual identity is the basis for successful communication. To ensure an image that matches your positioning, it is important not to neglect your visual identity.


A digital communication strategy is defined by all of the actions that you put in place to achieve your visibility objectives and the conversion in the online world.


Increasing the visibility of your website is important. Our main objective is to convert visitors into customers. We combine these strategies to provide better results for our clients.


We are aware that some of the projects can be oriented towards an international audience. The translating service within the Agency translation.


Identifying vulnerabilities and implementing protections requires technical expertise. The security of a website is a very important issue.


All our website productions are accompanied by a training course allowing the handling of the website via its administration panel (backoffice).

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Our solutions are optimised for natural referencing.

Suitable for tablets and smartphones (Responsive)

Our team of 11 Internet passionate will be able to efficiently support and advise you in your online marketing development project, website creation or redesign of your current website, by establishing from the beginning a strategic analysis oriented towards your business objectives and tailored to your customers. Our expertise, acquired since 2011 with the development of more than 400 websites, makes a partner of choice to carry out your project of design of website as well as your digital marketing strategies.


The agency designs websites following a well-established schedule of steps after your validation.

  • Step 1: Specifications

    Before creating a professional website tailored to you, we must think about it beforehand. For a website design, the main purpose of the specifications is to concretize your ideas, your expectations, your project, in order to make it clear when making a request for a project. The more specific you will be the more accurate and complete the result will be. To give you some food for thought:
    Do you have any preference for design and graphic creations?
    Do you already have the domain name?
    What are your most important criteria?

  • Step 2: Domain Name & Hosting

    Very important, the domain name. This step should not be neglected because you should not change it anymore. If your site is a brand, then you must take the name of that brand if the domain name is available.
    - Simple to remember for your future customers.
    - Ideally, a domain name should include a word or keywords representative of your business.
    - Easily referenceable (at best the keyword included in the domain name).

  • Step 3: Development & Referencing

    The creation of an e-commence website is based on many elements, marketing as well as technical and methodological, like any project. It proceeds in stages and requires specific professional skills. In order to offer you an excellent visibility, all our websites are optimized for a better natural referencing. Indeed, many factors are taken into account for referencing during the creation of the project (website).

  • Step 4: Security

    For your peace of mind, we ensure the security of our "website" creations. Threats and attacks on websites are increasing dramatically, unfortunately a crucial point that many internet agencies do not take into account.
    - Phishing attacks that can weaken or make impossible the authentication or authorization controls.
    - Privacy violations and identity theft due to weaknesses in user authentication.
    - Compromised systems, data corruption, or data destruction by injection and inclusion of files remotly on your PC.
    - Financial loss through unauthorized transactions.

  • Step 5: Training

    All our website productions are supported by a training course allowing the handling of the website via its administration panel (back-office).
    - Getting to use the administration software.
    - The website updates on the administrator's side.
    - Adding, modifying or deleting methods for editorial content via the use of Word and/or via the use of HTML code.
    - Adding, modifying or deleting methods for your texts, images, videos, etc.

The specifications help you formalize the needs, the objectives and the specific restrictions related to your project of website creation. Indeed, it is first important to define the project context in order to better develop your website we invite you to download the specification (PDF format).



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The Internet is experiencing a huge rise and many websites are being created every day. We advise you on the technologies to use to make your website attractive throughout its visit. Our team of passionate people is at your service to create a tailored website that corresponds exactly to your company's values.

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